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  1. New Pats Same as the Old Pats

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    John Harbaugh, NFL's ultimate Troll?

    This isn't the first time I've seen the idea floated that Harbaugh, in response to Brady's "read the rules" shot, suggested to Pagano that he make a fuss about the deflated balls. I love it!!
    If this guy is really a Patriots fan, he is the most honest one ever.

    Do you think they will ask Harbaugh during ...
  2. Sunday Night - 49ers at Patriots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terpsfan82 View Post
    Yes, the two exceptions you bring up (in 46 occurrences) aside.
    Yo're the one who weighs Superbowls so heavily, is Eli better than his brother beacuse he won 2 to his 1? Is not Dilfer more successful in that he has won onen and Marino never did? See that is the problem with making such a close ended statement like that.
    This comeback was only 50% Brady. The rest was the Offensive coaching staff of NE, who made serious adjustments at halftime. How many times have ...
  3. Ravens Pats game thread

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    Every single time brady throws it they get a first down. pathetic effort. not like flacco played 'elite either'. he needs to shut his fucking mouth.
    It's pretty simple, the Ravens do not have an offense to play a shootout with the Brady midget offense. They need lots of help from the defense, but the defense is just a shadow of what it once was. This too little too late stop notwithstanding.
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