:) Good Morning - from Cortez, FL

My introduction:
Spent all of my "Best Years" in the Baltimore area, from 1943 until 2001. In 2001, I moved to my "Retirement Home" in Cortez, Florida.

As you can probably imagine, I was an "addicted, loyal fan" of the Baltimore Colts from 1953 until 1983. I'm one of those folks that the Indy fans would like to see pass away (sooner rather than later). Personally, I have no problem with them taking our team - my issue is solely that they stole the name COLTS and took our glorious NFL history with them.

Anyway, I am very much hooked on the RAVENS now and really enjoy all of the good stuff that is posted daily on the Ravens "Twelth Man" Message Board. (We don't get much news on the RAVENS down here, y'all.)

If there are any RAVENS fans in Florida, particularly on the West coast in the
Tampa Bay area, that would be good to know. I see very few RAVENS fans in the Sports Bars on Sunday down here. *Aside from the local BUCS fans, I am
greatly outnumbered by fans from Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland & Indianapolis
in this part of Florida.