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    The OFFICIAL "We Own Houston?" Ravens-Texans Prediction Thread

    Alright.. here's what we know..

    Houston coming off an embarrassing loss to Green Bay on their home turf and I'm sure their defense is angry as hell.

    Houston media is making a big deal out of the fact that they haven't beaten us yet. Almost reminds me of the Baltimore media back when the early Ravens teams kept losing to Jacksonville and Brunell. We finally got over that hump here one Sunday afternoon and the place went nuts.

    Roof closed on Sunday which means the noise will be deafening. I can already see Oher jumping offsides now.

    Too many factors working against us this week.

    Texans 31
    Ravens 23

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    Re: The OFFICIAL "We Own Houston?" Ravens-Texans Prediction Thread

    The Ravens have two intangibles in their favor: (1) They have never lost to the Texans (6-0) which is a distinct psychological edge IF they can play well enough to induce some self-doubt in the Houston players; and (2) all of the pressure is on the Texans after an embarrassing, primetime loss at home since no one expects the Ravens to win right after losing their THREE best players on defense.

    This game has the potential, at least, to be the most interesting, exciting and downright shocking entertainment this season for Ravens fans. It is easy to expect a 40-14 blowout but I wish I was in Las Vegas right now.

    The most important thing of all for the Ravens is to avoid further critical injuries - especially to their offense.

    BAL 21
    HOU 27


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