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    O's Shelled Thirty-Nutin

    As the late phil rizzuto would say HOLY COW!

    Are you kidding me? to all my friends who are O's fans I feel so bad. my heart goes out to you all. I think this is an all time record. I think there are some minor league teams in your area where you guys could start following so you can watch a decent team. From the looks of this they have hit an all time low. 30 runs in a MLB is disgraceful.

    WOW! I feel so fortunate that the Ravens did what they had to do to make this happen. Thank you. My Heart is with the Raven....My Heart is with Baltimore and its great fans. What can I say. Here We Go!!! --Ray Lewis
    No, Thank you Ray... :ww:

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    Re: O's Shelled Thirty-Nutin

    It was an anomoly. I'm surprised we didn't start plunking guys when it got outta hand. That's why a blowout like that hasn't happened since 1900. Other teams would'a started beaning everyone in sight.

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    Re: O's Shelled Thirty-Nutin

    Whatever crazyraven. Your Yankees got crushed 22-0 by the Indians not too long ago in the Bronx, so save the fake sympathy act.

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    Re: O's Shelled Thirty-Nutin

    im a oriole fan and i think they should have thrown at somebody i dont care what happens if you get beat like that you gotta show some life just goes to show that angelos has the whole team accepting losing well wait til you guys watch erik bedard in yankee uniform when we dont even get a hit i hope our owner sells the team


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