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    If there was ONE moment that was the turning point for this series, which the Orioles had total control of, it has to be the removal of Gonzales in Game 3. Why was it so necessary? He was completely in charge on the mound. I don't believe his pitch count was even close to being a concern after seven innings. If he remains and finishes the game - and everything else stays the same - the Orioles take the series in four games.
    He was over 90 pitches and O'Day came in. Johnson was money all year as closer. There's no way he don't come out in the 9th weather he went to the pen in the 8th.

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    Re: Orioles vs Yankees ALDS

    I think the bats were trying to do too much, maybe it was the pressure, in any case they gained valuable postseason experience. This team is on the up and up...

    Who would have thunk it, our best Closer would blow 2 1 was tied in the game 3 the O's had the lead with 1 out and Johnson blew the lead and the game...we win game 4..but in reality that should have been the series. The better team did not win the ALDS in my humble opinion.

    BUT the Yankees are battle tested and got it done when it mattered most, the O's had a few hiccups......the future is bright for this team though.

    I think Bundy will be in the majors at some point and maybe even that other TOP SP prospect at some point, I cant spell his name but he's a finished product pretty much. Add Machado to the core of Jones, Wieters, Davis, Markakis, JJ Hardy, Mark Reynolds(who turned into a GOLD GLOVE 1st baseman)..then we got Nate McClouth...Nolan Reimold will return...Bryan Roberts is expected to return if he can stay healthy, he just needs to game time to get his bat going since he been out so long.

    I know with the O's success this year that free agent won't be afraid to come to Charm City anymore, Buck is the best manager in baseball and Dan D will do another excellent job in finding lesser known guys and bringing them in and making them contributors....our starting rotation next year should be one of the best and if we can keep the bullpen intact and if not we can bring in some guys who can gets the job done.

    This O's team isnt going anywhere, this wasn't a fluke..with the Red Sox troubles and the Yankees wearing Man Diapers their days of running the division is coming to a close. So the real only competition for the AL East next year should be the Tampa Bay Rays....I just have a feeling though that this year was just a taste and much better times are on the way


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