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    The OFFICIAL (back in my sweaty palms) Chiefs-Ravens Prediction Thread

    Alright.. I got a chuckle listening to Rob and Vinny a few minutes ago. Vinny said something about homefield advantage and the noise level at KC being a factor. Really? That's why the Chiefs are 14-28 at home since 2007. Helluva a home field advantage there, eh?

    Throw in the fact that Joe has won there twice, one of which was a road playoff game where you figure the noise level would have been off the charts. So, forget any of this nonsense about home field and crowd noise.

    Seriously.. We are playing a team that has been reeling for years.. Cassell is a turd of a QB who might be replaced at halftime by another turd (who we should kill for his cheap shot on Suggs). Jamaal Charles is scary in open space, but the Ravens generally have trouble with big power backs and not those undersized slashing style runners.

    I also don't think their defense has enough bodies to keep up with us.

    I don't think we are going to get any road games this year where we play way down to our opponent like we did in Seattle and Jax last year.

    Soo... 34-17 Ravens sounds about right..

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    Re: The OFFICIAL (back in my sweaty palms) Chiefs-Ravens Prediction Thread

    Looks like I am the only one who found this thread ... 1-1/2 hours before kickoff.

    I am a little concerned here. KC is currently #1 in rushing in the NFL. They are also 14th in total defense. Yes - they also have the worst turnover ratio (-13) in the league, producing a whopping 15 turnovers in just 4 games. BUT what happens if they suddenly stop losing the ball to their opponent. As Shakespeare would say, "Aye there's the rub."

    BALT 21
    KC 17
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