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    Flacco vs Eli.....AGAIN!

    The Browns are bad. Very young offense and the Ravens D is gonna be all over them: INTs, fumbles... they'll scoop all of it.

    So I think the Ravens will put up a decent lead early, Flacco throws for 1-2TD about 200-220yds, and then it turns into the Ray Rice/Bernard Pierce Show.

    The Giants/Eagles will be high scoring, in contrast.

    Anyone else thinking the same?
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    Re: Flacco vs Eli.....AGAIN!

    I just saw this, did you end up going with Joe?

    My decision was much easier...Flacco vs. the Brownies or Romo and that shaky O-Line vs. the Bears. Flacco got me a solid 24, i have good teams so i dont need my QB to be saviors they just cant stink it up.


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