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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ravensnhokies View Post
    To me, this is about as much a team loss as you can have. Joe was poor. The Defense was poor. Bright spots were few...Rice and Tucker. But the thing the burns me up the most was the coaching. It was horrible and if I'm gonna slice up a blame pizza... this is the biggest slice.

    This. I posted a while back that this year Harbaugh had to prove his worth as a HC and got blasted for it. All I meant was that I wanted to see a team where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts, like the Orioles. And that I DIDN'T want to see anymore games like this. He has got to reel Cameron and Pees in. That was pathetic.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Up 10 points on the road at halftime and you get the ball to start the 2nd. Those are not games you should lose.
    Despite how awful the defense was tactically, the offense completely isht the bed in the 3rd quarter.

    We had 4 complete possessions in the 3rd quarter, but only chewed-up less than 5 minutes of clock.
    In those 4 possessions we had 14 offensive plays...and only 3 of those were runs.
    Those three runs averaged 5.7 yards, so its probably accurate to say that PHI didn't sucessfully adjust to stop the run even after we took it to them in the 1st half.
    And oh...our QB was apparently, clearly understood to be dinged up.

    Of the 4 possessions, 2 of them ended b/c we did not convert 3rd and 2 (INT and incomplete pass), 1 of them ended b/c we did not convert 3rd and 1 (incomplete pass).
    That is insanity.
    That is stupid.
    That's the offense dictated by a man who continuously shows the inability to recognize a.) what is working, and b.) what the defense is giving him.

    Cammie continues to retard this offense...continues to turn wins into losses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    I didn't see either game, so I can't comment beyond the fact that they both lost.

    I DID see Joe Flacco play today and it wasn't pretty. Are there things on the offense other than Joe that needs to improve? Sure, I haven't said otherwise. I just don't think dismissing his poor performance and passing the blame off to the OL, WR's and Cam is fair either.
    Which I have not seen anyone else do. I've seen people put the whole loss on Joe though.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    This was a collective loss outside of a couple of key players. I will say this, Flacco did not play with that look of confidence that we saw last week. Utterly disappointing.

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