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    Re: The Official Excellector vs. Captain Silver Game Thread

    Not that it's terribly relevant, but I'm in a league where I started the following team (note you get .5 points for each reception in this league)

    QB Cam Newton- 25.22 (1st round pick)
    WR Vincent Jackson- 21.30 (6th round pick)
    WR Demaryius Thomas- 17.80 (5th round pick)
    WR Brandon Lafell- 14.50 (15th round, started over Boldin)
    RB- Trent Richardson- 28.50 (3rd round pick)
    RB- Reggie Bush- 33.20 (4th round pick)
    TE- Rob Gronkowski-16.5 (2nd round pick)
    W/R- CJ Spiller- 30.5 (round 11)
    K- Justin Tucker- 16 (16th round)
    D-Green Bay- 19 (round 12, benched my #8 pick San Fran)

    I believe the 222.52 fantasy points was an all-time league record. My opponent had Robert Griffin, Ray Rice, Victor Cruz, DeAngelo Williams, AJ Green, Mike Wallace, and Seattle's Defense and had over 170 points and still lost. 170 points would have been the 3rd highest total all last season.

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    Re: The Official Excellector vs. Captain Silver Game Thread

    Megatron hasn't done shit for me yet so I have high hopes when he turns it on.
    Looking for something shorter....

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    Sorry guys. Have to be fair across the board. Gotta put the thread in its proper spot.

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