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  1. First Ever Fantasy Football

    I am going to my first fantasy football draft tonight and I haven't got a clue on what positions I should draft first....Does it depend on what players have been taken first? And are there any websites that have the pre-season's stat leaders so that I can take a list with me? I haven't got a clue on this fantasy football stuff :grbac:

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    Re: First Ever Fantasy Football

    Generally you want to take a running back first, as they are the scarcest and provide the best value, although taking Rodgers/Brady/Brees first is understandable.

    For your first draft, use this as a "cheat sheet"

    I don't know where you can find a list of pre season stat leaders, but personally I wouldn't use that. Historically speaking, preseason is not a great indicator of the regular season.

    Don't be afraid to draft a guy if you really want him, regardless of where he is on the rankings. Don't go overboard though (like taking Anquan Boldin in the 2nd round, for instance)

    Most importantly, have fun. Draft guys that are fun to root for.
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