I downloaded the demo and must say that I like this version. I bought Madden 2012 and didn't like it. I still played Madden 11 and that was awful as well.

This one puts an emphasis on the tackling which is growing on me. Basically all of the player models are solid so that any touching from another player effects both or all players involved. Things that I noticed as well:

>Piles actually have layers of bodies. Its cool looking, but the real test was my 10 year old saying it looks like TV during a real game.

>Directional passing has been greatly improved. I pass on inside shoulders, outside shoulders, high to avoid LBs over the middle, and low to avoid CBs and Safeties that may be behind the player (backs to the endzone).

>RBs actually trip over bodies for yards. This seems to include legs, arms, and torso. RBs can get tripped up in the hole by their own man if not cleanly through the hole.

>New catching positions as where ever direction the ball is coming is, the appropriate animation seems to occur for that pass. Sideline passes can be toetappers or face up and fallback catchers.

>Every tackle seems to take on its own life. I didn't see a lot of repeated animations. It's definately freeflowing.

>There are glitches in the demo that I hope they fix such as the replays not following the play. Players can actually hold up the playscreen coming up as they are tripping over each other after getting out of a pile by tripping. It's pretty hilarious looking sometimes, but happens too often. The commentary doesn't always follow the play.

I am still playing to decide once and for all if this is a game that I will buy. I played the new NCAA and like that as well, but I'm an NFL guy more.

Anybody else have thoughts on Madden 13?