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    Intros and first game thoughts...

    Great to be here...born and raised in and around Charm City. I've been attending Ravens games since 1999 and am anxious to get some thoughts read and heard on this site (as well as read some others' thoughts).

    1st preseason game (pre-game thoughts) – general opening thoughts…
    It’s unbelievable that another Ravens season is upon us already – just in time for me to rid my brain of the lasting memories of that horrendous playoff game only seven months ago. Despite the final outcome of that game…the highlights of that day did include a friend of mine getting so upset during the game that he literally kicked the tv cord out of the wall in mid-game, causing an immediate panic among the viewers in the upstairs back room of a bar downtown. The other highlight, of course, was that it was also the day I purchased, for the 2nd time, my wedding rings. Of course, my fiancé almost killed/dumped/maimed me for scheduling the entire ring-shopping experience around the game…a timeline that included us NEEDING to be done shopping and back downtown at least 5 hours prior to game time. Marriage: it’s fantastic!

    For a sport that consumes most of our colder autumn and winter months, it seems almost out of place to be getting psyched for a preseason game that will be played on a day that reached ninety two degrees outside in Charm City. Especially coming off a weekend in August when the O’s actually took two of three from the Red Sox at Fenway Park at Camden Yards. What? The O’s played a competitive August series against a decent team without steroid accusations or a manager getting canned? Did somebody say .500???

    There are so many reasons to be optimistic about the upcoming season – a younger, more versatile running attack will almost surely take more of the burden off of McNair and help to open up the passing game; while McNair himself is certainly more comfortable in year two of the Ravens’ offensive scheme (which until last year, could have been classified at times as truly offensive). Mark Clayton is a popular pick to have an even better year in his third season – and those fantasy gurus over at CBS always say that year three is one to watch for wide receivers (much like age 27 for MLB players).

    The casual fan can be excited because a good Ravens team can bring together the joy and enthusiasm of an entire city. “Jeans and Ravens jerseys Friday” (shades of Office Space) is almost a certainty at many professional places of employment around town if the team gets off to a hot start! And the majority of local media “experts” are picking the Ravens to finish no worse than 10-6 – even with the infamous Chargers/Pats/Colts trio of games looming in late November and early December.

    We’ve got some stellar sports radio on the horizon as well, with Ray Lewis (Monday), The Hot Sauce with Bart Scott (Tuesdays) – what a name for his show, by the way…, and Willis McGahee (Thursday) all hosting their own weekly shows this season. That’s a potential pro-bowler on the air and answering to fans for three of the five weeknights. Although I must admit, while Gary Baxter was/is not hall of fame player, he sure had a hall of fame way with words on his Thursday night show a few years back.

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    Re: Intros and first game thoughts...

    Good first post so I am moving it over to the Ravens forum.
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    Re: Intros and first game thoughts...

    Purple, MD
    Welcome aboard and a great post introduction.

    What a great night to attend the first pre-season game this year. The first offense moved the ball down the field and scored. The defense looked good and Matt Stover is dead on thru the uprights every time. Willis McGahee looked good and no studder step when hitting the holes. Nice to see my local buddies in section 124. Looking forward to a great season!
    Former Season ticket holder from 1996 to 2016


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