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    Madden 08 Ratings Released

    Follow the link:

    Some truly bizarre results here. They choose to list Corey Ivy, David Pittman, and Derrick Martin at CB... no sign of Ronnie Prude (or Evan Oglesby). Kelly Gregg is listed at DT, Haloti Ngata at RE, and Terrell Suggs at LOLB. They really need to improve their method of handling 4-3 vs. 3-4 defenses. Ngata gets only an 82 overall (Dawan Landry's an 88). Vincent is still listed as the starter over Chester at RG, 83 to Chester's 79. McNair gets only an 85 and has poor arm strength, Boller behind him at 76 with miserable accuracy. Brian Rimpf is listed at RT (!) with no sign of Jared Gaither (probably too recent for their roster). Oh, and Quinn Sypniewski is faster and more agile than Todd Heap.

    All in all, I've seen worse, but it will be very frustrating having to reset all the packages to use the correct Ravens in the correct spots. They really need to start listing multiple positions per player; Ngata shouldn't take a penalty for being a DT in a 4-3 alignment.

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    Re: Madden 08 Ratings Released

    I know, it drove me crazy in last years game. It was nice that our playbook had 4-3, 3-4, and 46. But the players would all be wrong.

    No way should Suggs only be an 88 overall.

    Looks like Figurs will be a beast at kick returner.

    One last complaint every year. When you look at the 2000 Ravens Historic team, the defense is rated a 92 or something. There are countless other historic defenses that are better. It's terrible that defenses who aren't heralded in any way are rated higher than us.

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    Re: Madden 08 Ratings Released

    Came out on the 24th Aug here in the UK (I got it 2 days early on pre-order:D)

    I like it so far the only problem is that "Pro" level is to easy, and "All Pro" is getting to easy. I have heard on the grape vine that there is a way to get the level on to "All Madden" any one been able to do this yet?

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    Re: Madden 08 Ratings Released

    08 Is Lame
    :D ;) :D

  5. Re: Madden 08 Ratings Released

    Madden 12 looks to be one of the best Madden titles yet.


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