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    Wink Terps-Navy in Baltimore 2010, or just more feuding?

    Maryland has approached Navy about renewing the rivalry with a 2010 season game in Baltimore:

    the Terps might play Navy again in 2010 in Baltimore. Yow and Navy AD Chet Gladchuk are discussing the possibility, and Yow said a decision will be made in the next four to six weeks.
    But Navy, this time, may be the problem. After being snubbed by the Terps for a Meineke Bowl rematch last December, Navy is balking:

    Maryland is interested in adding Navy to its football schedule in 2010, but Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk said Monday the Terps already had their chance at facing the Midshipmen -- last December -- and turned their noses down at it.

    Gladchuk said Navy is still feeling snubbed the Terps opted for a bowl game in Orlando, Fla., instead of facing Navy in the Meineke Car Care bowl in Charlotte, N.C., last year.

    "We were just very disappointed this past winter when we had a chance to play again in Charlotte, and Maryland decided to do something different," Gladchuk said. "It's confused us a little bit. We just haven't come to a conclusion right now with regard to 2010."
    Fridge claims the snub was to satisfy Terp players prefering to play in Florida, but word around Annapolis was that Fridge was afraid of Navy's option offense.

    In any event: phooey on all them! Fridge, Yow, Gladchuk, and all their predecessors. I'm really tired of these stupid games played by the ADs of both schools, going on 44 years since the Fishman finger incident. Both schools should be thinking of Maryland local fans, first and foremost. 67,000+ packed Ravens Stadium two years ago for Terps-Mids. This game is a natural to be played periodically in downtown Baltimore.

    Navy now plays here every year to sellout crowds. Maryland used to frequently play at Memorial Sadium, but, outside of the 2005 Navy game, hasn't played in Baltimore much since the 1980s and early 1990s, when the Terps played annually to sellout crowds against quality opponents such as Miami, Clemson, and Penn State. Outside of the 2005 Navy game, the Terps have played but once in the new Ravens Stadium, to a small crowd after poor marketing of the game. I would like to see the Terps revert to playing in Baltimore annually -- including periodic Maryland-Navy matchups.
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    Re: Terps-Navy in Baltimore 2010, or just more feuding?

    I was at that 2005 game, and it was a blast. I still have one of those $5 Crab Bowl t-shirts some guy was selling at all the tailgates. I wish they would just agree to play at M&T once every 4-5 years.........enough to satisfy the appetite of local college football fans but not so often that the event loses its novelty.

    Navy needs to get over themselves in this instance. If I'm UM last year I pick a week in Orlando, FL in December over a week in Charlotte, NC six days a week and twice on Sunday.


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