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    $1M bounty on Tebow for proof of affair

    The link below is offering $1M to any woman who can prove she
    had sex with Tim Tebow who is a conservative Christian with strong
    beliefs and has said he has abstained from sex.

    Well it worked for Larry Flint who paid $1M to a woman who had
    proof she had affair with a GOP congressman and he resigned. Newt
    resigned too.

    This site says even if he hasn't had sex it will be impossible for
    him to abstain as a star in NY with every gal in town gunning for
    a piece of him.

    Well, she has a point and plenty of pastors have had affairs and with prostitutes like Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker and others.

    I know myself when I sing as you see in the pic how hard
    it is to resist. I missed half the words in that song-lol. A week later I walked
    into the bank and the manager said, did you have a good time Fri night? I
    said did you see me with that girl. She said everyone did.

    Her offer is good for the entire upcoming season.

    Good luck Tim. You're gonna need it.
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