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    Baltimore Colts heritage project


    I am working on a project "The Move That Wouldn't Die: Community, Property, and the Politics of Heritage in the National Football League." I presented the basics at a political science conference a few weeks ago:'t_Die.pdf

    Or click on The Move That Wouldn't Die from

    I got some good questions at the conference but most political scientists do not know that much about football or the Baltimore heritage issue, especially compared to this board.

    The goal is to publish this as a refereed journal article. If you have a minute and are so inclined, please take a look for fact-checking and feedback.

    Many thanks,


    PS-Paper abstract below:

    This paper makes several arguments. Since 1984, Baltimore's claim to the Colts' heritage has moved forward along several fronts related to the city's identity, including rage at false history, to wit "The Colts play in Indianapolis: The Colts have always played in Indianapolis;" Baltimore's standing in the nation at large; and a collective sense of being wronged and deserving justice. But why has Baltimore's claim endured? The first and simplest factor is the commitment by Baltimore to preserve and add to its football heritage. Second is the status of Baltimore and John Unitas in NFL mythology about its Golden Age, which has created a Baltimore Colts brand that undermines, on a national scale, a legalistic interpretation of the Indianapolis horseshoe. A third factor is pro football's use of the Colts' 1984 Midnight Move as a negative template for future franchise relocations, and the use of the Cleveland Browns' 1996 relocation to Baltimore as a comparatively positive template. Fourth is the pressure for separate identities now coming from Indianapolis, where success in the Peyton Manning era has put that city on the map in its own right.

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    Re: Baltimore Colts heritage project

    Like your project want to work on the same type of project send me a email. I will email you. Can give you tons of information and other help. Actually going to write some book about the old Colts and Johnny Unitas.


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