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Thread: Peyton Manning?

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    Re: Peyton Manning?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven407 View Post
    Peyton Manning...

    The major need for the Ravens to be a SUPER BOWL contender is not so much a big WR as it is to get rid of the current QB Flacco. I know most dont like hearing this but he is NOT a super bowl quality QB. The Ravens defense played as good as they possibly could against the Patriots and Flacco COULD NOT get it done. Replace Flacco with Peyton and the ravens are in the BIG GAME. Torrey Smith, Bolden, Lee Evans and Ray Rice are more than enough weapons for a Super Bowl worthy QB like Peyton. Flacco is a good QB at times, and at other times hes subpar at best. He's never been GREAT or ELITE and likely never will be. Peyons WRs in Indy have been less talented than the ones Joe has been afforded and he still fails.

    Who wants Ray Lewis & Ed Reed to end their careers falling short with Flacco again? His own team criticized him for a reason, they see him in practice everyday!!! Imagine Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, ect. with a defense like this? Constantly getting them the ball back??? They would be as dominant a team as they have ever been in the league. The only one of those guys that are available is Peyton and I say the Ravens do their best to get him. He's never had a back like Ray Rice and that will make things that much easier!! Why dont more people see the upside in this. All the top free agent WRs will want to come and play with Peyton!! Mike Wallace, V-Jax, Colston, Moss. Im almost 100% sure Reggie Wayne will want to re-unite with Peyton. I'll take an 80% Peyton over a 20TD 10INT Flacco.

    56-57% Completion percentage is not SUPER BOWL caliber. Peyton beats Flacco in every aspect, if hes been cleared to play since January I have no doubt he will be able to throw in 6 months come september. What can beat the ravens defense giving peyton so many chances to score every sunday?

    Flacco is out! He will never be a GREAT qb.

    Better QBs than Flacco:

    Peyton Manning
    Tom Brady
    Philip Rivers
    Aaron Rodgers
    Drew Brees
    Eli Manning
    Tony Romo
    Ben Rothlesberger
    Mathew Stafford
    Matt Ryan
    Cam Newton
    Michael Vick
    Matt Schaub

    and arguable Alex Smith and Sam Bradford!!!

    hes not even a top 10 guy so lets be serious here.

    A lot of these guys have even less experience than Joe Flacco so I cannot make any excuses for him at all, im sorry!!

    these at the very least 12 better QBs in the game right now. And the Ravens cannot get past the Pats, Steelers, Eagles, Packers, Saints, 49ers, Giants with Joe Flacco leading the huddle.

    Make the move!!!!
    I am usually pretty kind and I will avoid insultiung the poster, but this is one of the dumbest posts in our history here. It is horridly stupid.

    There are a number of QBs listed that have not gotten very far in the playoffs. My goodness, Romo chokes more often than a fat swallow whole chicken wings with the bones. He f---ed up a freaking gimme FG for a playoff win. Ryan? Never won a playoff game with all kinds off weapons. Did you miss that last crap fest he had? Some of those listed have not even been to the playoffs.

    As for the NE game, Flacco threw the winning TD after driving the field in the closing minute of the game. That your "great" weapon Lee Evans dropped it is ingnored.

    After consideration it is possible you are putting us on here, as this post just is stupid, stupid, stupid.
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    Re: Peyton Manning?

    You know this guy is laughing at all the attention his 1 post received

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    You know this guy is laughing at all the attention his 1 post received
    Good point.



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