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    Re: what is the best stadium outside MT BANK you have visited (any sport)

    Fenway for a baseball

    For football we do a lot of road trips. Have been to more than half the current NFL stadiums. Still like Seattle out of all my road trip stops.

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    Re: what is the best stadium outside MT BANK you have visited (any sport)

    Definitely Fenway for baseball but Camden Yard beats them all with its quaintness and eateries - even the smells from them when your done eating and watching the game. Out of town reporters rave about it too.

    I like visiting Miami and JAX the most not for the stadiums but for the great times at the beaches and parties there. JAX also has the river and the Nests went on a party boat after the game. No, it wasn't
    Fat Mac's party boat but just as good with all the great chicks on board and they were 10 times better looking than Mac's Sweet Peas.

    JAX Beach is one of the best kept secrets on the east coast.

    Worse stadiums were ASU before their dome was built in the desert and Indy's new stadium which looks like a big barn on the outside and shit on the inside for a new stadium.

    GB is generally ranked near or at the top on most lists but it was built back in the 20s or 30s and is old stadium with a face lift but they have great fans and best tailgating parties but hey - there's nothing else to do in GB.
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    Re: what is the best stadium outside MT BANK you have visited (any sport)

    I can't give a simple answer because there are many ways to evaluate the "best" stadiums.

    NFL: I've done all except 5 NFL stadiums (some have been replaced by newer versions, and some I attended both old and new e.g. Three Sewers and Heinz). I'll only address stadiums which I have visited -- I assume that the new stadiums in Phoenix, Dallas, and the new Minneapolis dome will supersede most of my list below after I visit them

    Best overall: Houston Reliant (movable dome, great vertically oriented sightlines, outstanding club section design, good tailgating crowd but needs trees)

    Best location: Superdome

    Best overall sightlines: Orchard Park (upper deck sightlines are equivalent to our clubs)

    Best tailgating experience: Arrowhead (and I don't even eat red meat - but the smell of seared cowflesh wafts throughout the lots)

    Best tailgating facilities: Jax (waterfront gazebos under 1/4 mile from stadium, running water & flush toilets)

    College: Not a homer here --> I've been to many ACC football stadiums + USAF Falcons Field + Colorado, but none compare to Navy-Marine Corps (our Byrd Stadium should be bulldozed and rebuilt from scratch!)

    Baseball: Ottawa Lynx -- seats are almost on top of the field, and that Canuck beer sold cheap in the stands is great!

    Lacrosse: Homewood (more intimate & comfy than the other four stadiums I've been in for lacrosse: Byrd, Navy-Marine, UMBC, and M&T)
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    Re: what is the best stadium outside MT BANK you have visited (any sport)

    I'll give a different perspective here... My favorite stadium has to be my home soccer club Everton FC. It's an old ground with plenty of character and history in the four stands. However, in terms of best stadium I would have to say Wembley Stadium or the Emirates (Arsenal FC), both in London.

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    Re: what is the best stadium outside MT BANK you have visited (any sport)

    I thought Fenway was a sticky dump.

    the Pawtucket (AAA baseball) stadium was great.
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