UKRavens Newsletter - June / July 2007.

AFC North Champions 2006.

UKRavens news:

Yep - it’s still the quiet time before Training Camp the pre-season games. (Touch wood) Only good news seems to be coming from Ravens HQ - by no means a bad thing, but it takes some getting used to. As a result, all of the boards seem quiet as well.

=> Full member Niall returns:

Hey guys, how is everyone? Haven't been on the boards at all really....crazy past couple of months but I'll be here a bit more from now on!

So who is going to the game in Wembley? I'll be there! Got 2 tickets in section 106 lower tier so I can't wait! Going to go over on the Saturday morning and make it to a premier league game!!

Can't believe the price of some tickets on Ebay
We are bound to see a lot of Ravens games this coming season! Sky will have the choice of 2 games early and 2 late games right?

Ravens to win division

=> UKR Social Giants v Dolphins - Sun 28th October:
At the moment we will have two sets of people attending the game:
Gordon’s group of four - with the Scottish contingent and myself.
Niall’s group of two - with the Irish contingent.
So where are the English? I know others are trying to get tickets in the later issues - good luck / the more the merrier.

=> UKR Social Hull KR @ Harlequins RL - report :
(I have to mention this Chris) Having emailed Chris Q. several times regarding the question of ‘What is on in London at the same time as this match that might affect us?’, I was happy that would be a quiet day in the City! Imagine then my surprise when listening to the radio on the way to Nottingham ’ It’s Gay Pride in London today’ - nice!

Upon leaving Twickenham Station to meet Chris a local pub, both Phil and I expressed some surprise at the road closures / police presence / local pubs with BBQ’s and external disco equipment etc. - ‘We (Hull KR) don’t travel with that many fans!!!

Despite a hard fought defeat, we all managed to enjoy the game. I am interested in Chris’s thoughts on his first ever live rugby game.

Upon our return to the town centre, we found the local pubs to be heaving - mainly with middle aged women - some with ‘tartan’ garments. As my mood was improving with more of the local larger -‘Are the Bay City Rollers playing?’ we enquired. ‘NO - ROD STEWART at Twickenham!!!’ came the reply!

=> Buying Ravens stuff :

I bought a Ravens clock on UK ebay - absolute piece of crap - really cheap clock (that does not work!) with a paper circle Ravens clock face inserted - BEWARE!

I also got a very nice Ravens beach towel on US ebay - nice, just right for the hot summer when it arrives.

Go Ravens, let’s keep the UKRavens going!