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  1. Re: Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ngata Nother Suggs View Post
    Flacco is still completely trapped inside of a rapidly breaking pocket, his players and the other team's players draped all over him, and Flacco is still holding the ball out for Rice or whoever else isn't even there. That shit is Flacco's fault. That is what?...the 15th one of those he's lost in 17 games or something?
    I'll grant you that in the case of the one today, it probably would have been better to pull it in and take the sack. I don't think he could have done anything else with the ball in that situation.

    Many of those other times you're referring to, he has gotten hit from behind and while we would like him to have eyes on the side of his helmet and be aware of where all pass rushers are, that just isn't always possible. ANY QB getting hit with the ball in his hand is going to fumble, most times. That's on the O-line and also some defenders are going to make plays, just like Suggs does for us.

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    Re: Divisional Round Thread

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    Not to worry! The Ravens aren't going to get anywhere near the Superbowl with Cameron and his version of "Marty Ball"
    Packers, Saints, and Houston will definitely not be going. Ravens still have a chance, one game at a time though.Talking heads have to regroup and concentrate on the pats.


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