As far as the draft - this year is odd. The talk was about drafting a QB initially. But they signed one. Harrison is gone, but now Worlids is up. They drafted two O-lineman last year so I don't think they will draft there. My guess is WR, safety, and I would love to see an RB in there.

As far as free agency, the Steelers, for whatever reason, don't do much there. They just don't explore FA which is maddening. They like to sign young guys and promptly place them on the bench for years on end.

This is an odd year. But with oddity comes surprises. I have high hopes.

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Harrison is gone (Bengals, in the division, ha).
real question is, whom will they add / draft? keeping the D mostly intact might not be that good an idea. and Ben will be a year older with more injuries on his resume.
did they add any FAs offseason?