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    Free Agent: who interests you?

    WR: R Wayne,D Jackson,V Jackson,S Johnson,A Caldwell,J Simpson,P Garcon,D Bowe,M Colston,M Manningham,R Meachem,T Ginn,B Lloyd
    OL: D Bell(Buf) C Nicks(NO)N Hardwick(SD), J Saturday(Ind),S Wells(GB)
    LB: M Williams,C Lofton,A Spencer, S Tulloch,D Connor,L Fletcher,EJ Henderson,D Jackson,S Cooper
    DB/S:C Rogers, B Grimes, C Finnegan,B Carr, T Porter,T Thomas, M Trufant,L Landry,M Griffin, C Harris,T Branch.

  2. Let's not fall prey to the "this guy torched *us*, therefore he's good" Lee Evans theory with the Chargers' WRs.


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