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  1. Re: What if we do get there?

    The good thing is that if we do make it, we'll have nearly two weeks to plan any meetup(s)
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    Re: What if we do get there?

    Quote Originally Posted by UKRaven View Post
    If (big if) we get there I would humbly suggest you try to do something. I missed out on Live Aid 'cos of money d'oh. When we got to SB XXXV I had just been laid off at work and watched the game on my own. Money we have now but I'll never get the time back.

    Even if it's jumping on a cheap train or flight and booking a flea pit hotel somewhere.
    Thanks for the advice, I'll see what I can do if we get there - still two more games!

    Even if I decide to stay put, I wouldn't be watching the game myself. Id either call some friends over, all of which are nfl fans, or go to the union where they usually show the game on the big screen

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    Re: What if we do get there?

    Next Monday I hope to start a new thread with plans for a meet-up.
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