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Thread: Cincy Roadtrip

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    Cincy Roadtrip

    The wife and I are strongly considering driving to Cincy for this game. I hope to get some advice on what hotel, where to drink that night, where to pre-game. We are pretty experienced roadtrip people but have never felt the need to go to cincy till now....ha ha.

    Go Ravens

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    Myself and three others are heading out Saturday, and looking for a place downtown (hopefully with some more Ravens fans)... hopefully a few more groups will reply and we can pick a place to paint purple!

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    Re: Cincy Roadtrip

    I mentioned before to someone else that asked the same question, not sure what you're in to but everytime I had went we stayed at the formerly Argosy now Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, IN which is less than a hour away. Have a good time at the Casino then head to the game then head back and have more of a good time.
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    Re: Cincy Roadtrip

    I'm thinking about going. Heading up Saturday night, find a random bar and celebrate the new year. Then grab a hotel and go to the game sunday. Never been to a road game before but I would love to go. Any tips if I go this weekend?

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    Re: Cincy Roadtrip

    a group of friends and I traveled to Cincy for the game 2 years ago (where we lost...). I recommend staying on the Kentucky side of the river (Convington) is still a 10 min walk to stadium (you just go over bridge) but we found that there are lots of cool bars, etc over there. The downtown Cincy area right by stadium seemed to be mostly a business district. We stayed at the Marriott ( and it was very nice. I do know that the Ravens team stayed at the Westin in downtown Cincy that they may be staying there again this year, and if so- would be cool to stay there and have a good chance of seeing the team.

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    I am going with 3 other people we will be staying at the Millenium in Cincinnati. I hear that the town near the Riverfront is really nice. I would be interested in finding more Ravens Fans too!

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    Re: Cincy Roadtrip

    Got 4 tickets in Section 346. Can't wait to bring home a win and the AFCN Title!

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    Re: Cincy Roadtrip

    I got 4 tickets also in Section 346 and can't wait! We are staying in Covington, KY and would love to meet up at a bar somewhere before the game. Bring it Ravens Nation!


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