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    Tailgating in San Diego on 12-18-11

    I'm heading down from Los Angeles with a few Ravens fans. Not heading down until Sunday morning though, and trying to figure out the best way to go about tailgating. Ive done it at Qualcomm before, and just bought a tailgate lot parking ticket, but this time was maybe hoping to catch on with an even larger group, or even getting on a bus that loads up in downtown San Diego.

    Any suggestions or thoughts? Completely amped for this game, and ready to party with all Ravens fans in attendance!

    ps- Im flying home for Christmas and will be at next Saturday's game! First two games of the year! So anyone from baltimore ill see u next week too!
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    Re: Tailgating in San Diego on 12-18-11

    Go here it's a whole thread where Ravens will be in SD for game.

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    Re: Tailgating in San Diego on 12-18-11

    We at Ravens Trips have an extra ticket for tomorrow's game that is located in the Club level with the rest of the group. If anyone has or nows anyone with interest, please have them call us at 410-303-8744.

    Ravens Trips

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    Re: Tailgating in San Diego on 12-18-11

    The West Wing LA is heading down for the 2012 game, we'll be having a tailgate and a bunch of parties. All are welcome!


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