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Orton was inactive, so he wasn't option. Better question for Haley is why they deactivated Orton to begin with.

Including one that wiped out a DPI early on that would have put the ball at the one. A few weeks ago (I believe after Week 6), I looked through the play by plays of every single game and tallied up all the holding calls for every team (accepted, declined, and offsetting). The Steelers were in the top 5. I posted all of it on the Sun board when I was arguing with someone about this, I'll see if I can find it again.

You could possibly make the argument that the Steelers line is so bad, that they get away with more holding than most lines. But to say they don't get flagged as much as other teams is just plain false, and the numbers prove it.

Not sure if you follow the nyl rating but at minimum, it's interesting. http://newyorklife.stats.com/fb/prot...p?type=overall