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Thread: Thanks feature

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    Thanks feature

    I've had a search, didn't see a similar thread

    Would a thanks feature be considered?

    They sort of have this on the main Ravens site with the plus and minus but I was thinking of something else

    For an example, post five of this random thread from the Panthers forum

    Now I know there are issues with it too and it can descend into "thankswhoring" but we have mature posters here :)

    Feel free to shoot the idea down
    Just wondering was it ever considered or looked at

    One benefit would be stopping posters quoting huuuuuuuge long posts and just adding +1
    Which isn't a big issue but it's there and it's annoying

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    Re: Thanks feature

    I support this idea too or something similar like a rep bar or ability to like posts

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    Re: Thanks feature

    I was a moderator at another forum where members had the ability to give a poster a thumbs up

    It was only visible to the poster so it didn't become a popularity contest but was a way of telling someone their work posting was read and appreciated
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