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    Membership restrictions

    First time poster, long time lurker. Just joined so I could be able to view pictures of the aftermath of a raven's victory in Heinz Field, heh.

    Unfortunately, still unable to view the picture... How many posts until I get those privileges?

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    Re: Membership restrictions

    You should be able to view pictures just fine.

    There is a post limit on when you can post pictures though.

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    Re: Membership restrictions

    What is the post limit before I can start a new thread? And when can I start one? I have been a member for several months already. Also, HOW do I start a new thread?

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    Re: Membership restrictions

    Post a few more times and you should be able to start a thread.

    This restriction is in place to stop 'hit and run' spammers and scammers.
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