That's what that great liberal station MSNBC said about him. Analyst said
GOPs feel good about Cain because he lets them hide their racism and feel
good about themselves.

This is what OBUMMER has done for the country. Played the race card since
he ran, got McCain scared to death to attack him. Now plundetts are playing
the race card even though GOP has a black candidate.

Freaking un-real.

I like Cain because he has said more things that I believe in since Reagan.

However, Im starting to pull away from him after his abortion blunder plus
several others that Karl Rove spelled out and it seems his isn't focused
while going on a natioinal tour to sell books, ala Palin.

She duped her supporters thinking she was going around the country
campaigning but she was just making millions. She never entered the
debates so she didn't care.

I'm not saying Cain is doing this but it doesn't look good and these
blunders have me thinking and if I don't vote for him, it has nothing
to do with race but what I believe and what he believes.

But the liberals like MSNBC will call me a racist anyway.