UKRavens Newsletter - April / May 2007.

AFC North Champions 2006.

UKRavens news:

This will be a very short newsletter, as most of you know my PC was fried, along with a host of other electrical items, so I’ve not been around the boards / net for a while.

=> ‘New’ full member takes over:
Remember Chris Quale was added to the WAF to the list. Seems like Chris now runs the show:

A defence-led team could possibly be accepted amongst those used to watching nil-nil finals. And according to Chris Quayle, an NFL fan in the UK, the purple and black could become quite popular. “I’d been aware of the Ravens’ defence from 2000 and found it exhilarating to watch Ray Lewis perform.” says Quayle on his UKRavens fan website. “The fact that watching your team defend could be as exciting as watching them attack was new.”
The entire article was written by Josh Lukin.

=> UKR Social Giants v Dolphins - Sun 28th October:
Seems like only Gordon managed to get any tickets in the first allocation. He has four allocated so we will have some people at the game. I feel more tickets will become available as time goes by. The match takes place during the Ravens bye week - so there are no distractions.

=> UKR Social Hull KR @ Harlequins RL - Sat 30th June 1.30pm:
Just to remind you that I suggest meeting up in London for this game. The match is not scheduled to be on SKY. As stated ,the Harlequins will give Rovers a kicking, but what the hell - it’s still a chance to meet up.

=> Tour Roll of Honour:
I’ve not completed the list of Ravens games attended by everyone. I sent emails to all so that we can include our US associate members first games. Sadly I’ve still only got one reply - C’mon guys lend a hand please!!!!!

Go Ravens, let’s keep the UKRavens going!