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    The game where I gave up on Boller

    Denver, Dec 2005.

    This game wasn't nearly as bad as that one. Flacco is not a Boller. Flacco is not making a lot of mistakes. Execution and timing are off, but he isn't tripping over hash marks or tossing up lame end over end ducks for the defense to run in for touchdowns.

    I think most of the Ravens problems stem from an unimaginative offensive coordinator who handcuffs his QB to his rigid play calling. It is tough to execute when the defense is keying on your calls before the ball is even snapped.

    It isn't Flacco's fault that the running game can't even grind out a first down. It isn't Flacco's fault cam is calling full back screen passes for no gain over and over again. This offense needs an overhaul, the fish is rotting from its head.

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    Re: The game where I gave up on Boller

    It's not all Flacco's fault and Cam is like a boat anchor for the offense but, way too often, Flacco looks confused, unsure and baffled out there. He also still has an accuracy problem, whether it's throwing high, throwing behind guys or a lack of touch on his long passes. I can think of three or four throws to the endzone this year where a better pass would have resulted in a TD. Your 4th year guy, if he has pretensions to be among the top QB's, cannot make those types of throws.
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