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  1. RB help for week 6

    I am so screwed at RB in Week 6. I'm 5-0, so instead of trading I may just take the loss. This is a PPR league (1pt. per reception).

    My RBs are:
    Chris Johnson (possibly injured / BYE)
    Addai (possibly out / SUCKS)
    McCluster (Jackie Battle put an end to the McCluster speculation / BYE)
    LT (Ground n' Pound = Shonn Greene and Shonn Greene only)
    Ridley (Belicheck may as well be named Shanahan)

    So, without any waiver pickups, I'm starting LT and Ridley. I can see them scoring a combined 5 points for me. If I get lucky, maybe 10.

    Available on waivers:
    Ernest Graham (dropped him 2 weeks ago for McCluster... fantastic!)
    Battle (On bye week 6, no help to me)
    Bernard Scott (does ANYONE have ANY CLUE when Benson's suspension goes into effect????)

    I don't think I'm gonna get Graham. I'm 9 of 12 in waiver priority. If Blount is out, Graham will be a hot commodity. So, it comes down to Bernard Scott. Should I even bother? This is why I'm considering making no moves and just hoping the rest of my team (below) carries me, which they've been doing all year anyways. I feel like trading one of my 3 top-12 WRs to help fill in my RBs for one week is out of the question.

    QB Brees
    WR Bowe
    WR Wallace
    WR Stevie Johnson
    TE Daniels

  2. Re: RB help for week 6

    Ended up with Graham off waivers.

    Which 2 for week 6? 12-team PPR league.

    LT - MIA
    Graham - NO
    Ridley - DAL

    CJ on BYE, Addai possibly injured and sucks anyways. I'm thinking LT and Graham (even if Blount starts). Donald Brown is available as a Free Agent. I don't think he's worth a grab.

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    Re: RB help for week 6

    agree w/ LT and Graham


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