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Thread: Help on a trade

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    Help on a trade

    My team is the following
    QB-Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan
    RBs- Ray Rice,MJD,Arian Foster, Legarrette Blount,Mark Ingram,Tim hightower
    WRs- Nicks,Maclin,Santana Moss,Nate Washington,Julio jones
    TEs- Rob Gronkowski

    I just got offered Aaron Rodgers for rice and Stafford, im stuck, im very hesitant of dealing Rice but Rodgers is sickkkk, insight would be very helpful

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    Re: Help on a trade

    now he just offered Mike williams and Aaron rodgers for Matt Ryan, Matthew stafford and Rice(for the fear Stafford gets hurt)

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    Re: Help on a trade

    Like I said on sunspot, no deal :D

    just curious, how many teams are in your league. If it's 10 or more, you have a real solid chance of winning the whole thing. Just need that one more receiver.
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    Re: Help on a trade

    yea 10 team league, i just did a serious buy low on Foster last week. Stafford went undrafted in my league i picked him up after three weeks traded Rivers,Gore,Mannigham,Owen Daniels for Foster,Matt Ryan and MJD

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    That's an easy "no."


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