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Thread: Pats fan???? :O

  1. Pats fan???? :O

    Hey black and purple.....

    So I'm currently a pat a fan.... I love my pats, but there has always always been somethin about da ravens that I've liked.... Every summer I find myself asking if I want do the unthinkable, and switch to purple and black!
    I've always loved defense and have had much respect for any team to dominate on D.

    I'm planning on moving to MD with my fiancee (we live in CT) now. I dare not ever mention this to my other football fanatic fans like myself up here, or they'd disown me as a pats fan!

    Just wanted to get some insight from some current raven diehard fans.

    (please don't flame me :) ):respect


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    Re: Pats fan???? :O

    There's always room in the nest for more Ravens fans. What kind of insight are you looking for?

    If your wandering if it's an exciting team to root for, it absolutely is. The unique thing about the Ravens is their history of dominant defense. So many of the perennnial NFL power houses are built around offense. The Ravens are building an offense but already have dominant defense. You never know how a game will play out. The offense lit up the Steelers and Rams in weeks 1 and 3 and when the offense wasn't there in week 4 the defense returned 3 turnovers for TDs.

    Personally I love defensive football. I'd be very frustrated watching a team that scored a lot of points but gave up just as many. I'll take a hard hitting game without much offense over any other type of game (see Ravens-Steelers and Ravens-Jets).


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