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I'd abandon the Ravens if they were run by someone like Angelos.

It's not just a losing team. I can back a losing team because, as other have put it, I am a fan of the city as well.

Angelos is different. And maybe knowing folks who are close to him skews my thoughts, but he is a grade A prick that has ZERO interest in putting a quality product on the field. He sees the O's as a secondary business, one not worthy of his full attention and when he does stick his nose into it, he undermines.

He stole the essence of the team. He stole the underlying spirit.

They are not the Orioles anymore. They have the name, the records and the stadium. But they are not the team I grew up with and not because they are losing.

They are the baseball equivalent of the dying loved one who is no longer themselves. The body is still alive, but who they are left us a long time ago and there are no signs they are going to come back. Best to let them go and start over.
You make an excellent point, and I agree with just about everything you say, but in my mind they still represent Baltimore.

To continue with your analogy, I've put them in a home and I'm visiting them from time-to-time. I'm not going to completely abandon them, but I've accepted the reality that they're not the same anymore, so in many ways I have moved on.