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    Any raven fans in Miami FL?

    Hello fellow Ravens fans. I know that as a proud fanbase we are growing every year. But i want to know if there are any of you that live in or around Miami, FL because it would be great to be able to catch a ravens game with my fellow ravens fan sometime.

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    Re: Any raven fans in Miami FL?

    There is a group in South Florida called the "Florida Flock" that watches games together. You can find them at Even if you don't live near them; at least e-mail them and they will give you some ideas.

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    Re: Any raven fans in Miami FL?

    Thanks nightman, but i have already hung out with the florida flock. They are an awesome and dedicated group of Ravens fans. However im still looking for any stranded raven fans who are in miami like myself and who cant make the drive up to juno beach and hang out with the flock. Anybody else live in miami or around miami?

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    Re: Any raven fans in Miami FL?

    I live in Miami, whereabouts are you?


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    Re: Any raven fans in Miami FL?

    I live in the Doral area, near Flagler Street. What about you?

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    Re: Any raven fans in Miami FL?

    My husband lives/works in Miami (at MIA) and there are several guys who work there that are also Ravens fans.


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