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    F*** you Angelos

    According to Yahoo the Baltimore Orioles are only second to the Cleveland Indians in ALL sports as far as decreased attendance....F*** you Angleos for running a once proud franchise into the ground.
    Decrease in attendance: 44.00 percent
    2001 W-L record: 63-98 (finished 4th in AL East)
    2010 W-L record: 66-96 (finished 5th in AL East)
    League championships last decade: none

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    Re: F*** you Angelos

    I just saw Bert's thread on this over on scout and he crucifies Mulla Petey
    and rightly so but it's not all just him.

    Don't forget, MLB put a new team in DC while under pressure from
    Congress and Petey said he'd lose 44% attendance.

    I was wrong in thinking Bmore could support a team alone but if we had
    our glory years back I'm sure that 44% would be back.

    BTW, someone just told me that Petey is retiring next year. That means
    his sons John and Louie take over.

    That means things get even worse. Think Petey was bad. Wait til you see
    these punks in action. I know ushers at the stadium that said things come
    all the way down to them and they didn't like Petey's son as well as a
    front office employee who worked for them.

    Things go from bad to worse with these clowns.



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