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    Tampa Bay game Sept 10th

    Roll call & where to tailgate?

  2. Re: Tampa Bay game Sept 10th

    We have 6 guys going. Staying in Clearwater Beach-rented a house with an in ground pool.

    Arriving Thursday Sept 7th. Going to watch the Thursday night game out somewhere, if anyone is going to tampa and will be around thursday night let me know and we can hook up. We may just go to the original hooters in clearwater.

    Sitting in section 128 (lower corner end zone near next to tunnel.

    Tailgating either ourselves in Lot 8. (we have a pass) or at the buccaneer brew crew is $15 all you can eat or drink. (its on the corner of Himes and dewey across from lot 8)

    Any parties saturday night? i know there is one in ybor city at the green iguana but you need to contact the ravens nest running it. any others?

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    Hey anyone going to be in Tampa early???

    We are going to go to the Hooters in clearwater (the original) to watch Miami hopefully beat the Steelers. Just trying to get maybe a few ravens fans together to root against the steelers.

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    Re: Tampa Bay game Sept 10th

    We're leaning towards driving over from Cocoa Beach the morning of the game, to avoid packing & unpacking confusion after our Saturday arrival. But that, too, is subject to last minute change, based on Mrs T's whim.

    In any event - if I can find Lot 8 and can get there early enough - I will track down the ravensfan1996 crew. Will you post-game tailgate party there?

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    Re: Tampa Bay game Sept 10th

    I'm going down Friday, wish I could make it Thursday to hang at Hooters and watch Dolphins game. How many people are gonna do the Brew Crew thing?

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    Re: Tampa Bay game Sept 10th

    My brother and myself will be getting there on Saturday,when someone figures out where the Ravens fans will be tailgating please post so we can meet up....Strength in numbers!!!! BTW we are sitting in the endzone not sure which section but I will find out.

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    If enough people email me and tell me they are in for tailgating then Ill volunteer to host a tailgate. We rented a big SUV so plenty of room to carry over some coolers, food beer, etc.

    my email is

    Lot 8 is on Himes ave, see map:

    Its a big lot but with cell phones when we park we can tell you where we are. We will have a GMC Envoy XL (dont know the color til we pick it up thursday) with ravens flags and raven head magnets on it.

    The Buccaneer brew crew is right across the street from lot 8 at the corner of himes and dewey. $15 and less work and we could all meet there as well.

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    Re: Tampa Bay game Sept 10th

    Just snagged game tickets via Ravens TO, so I'll be driving over from Cocoa Beach to arrive around 10 am. Count me in to stop by your party, 1996, but do not provide any food or drink , as we will bring our own.


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