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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    Y'all can blame Nicki for that botched extra point. After the return she said, "There's not enough time left in the game for a come back. Well, unless Maryland misses the XP."

    Yeah, sorry about that.
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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    I hope you guys know that these were not their legitimate uniforms, it was just a one time "pride" deal. They do look like shit by the way.

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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    Call me crazy, but I like em.

    I love the flag, and this showcases it. My favorite Ravens logo is the MD flag crest at midfield.

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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    The uniforms are really ugly, but I love that they're taking chances. Using all the different unis and becoming Oregon east will really raise the profile of the program. Good or bad, it has people talking MD football. I love that.
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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    While the unis are butt ugly, its brought alot of attention to Maryland football. It was a world wide treading topic on twitter and its all over ESPN. Plus they won. With under armour the Terps will be the Ducks of the east.

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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    I LOVED the MD flag helmets. They are just awesome.

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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    I like the idea, but it was poor execution. If the would have had the four quadrent MD state flag on each side it would have been better than the red cross on one side and the black and yellow diamond pattern on the other side of the helmets.

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    I love the Maryland flag so I absolutely loved the uniforms last night.

    Where can I get me a pair of those shoes?

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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    Looks like UMD may have seen these sometwhere before?,2734737.story
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    Re: OT Terps uniforms

    Every uniform they have worn is awesome .. especially the uni they wore in game 1


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