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    OT - Madden 12 Franchise Glitch w/ Importing Draft Class

    If anyone was interested I think I figured out the issue with this. It's annoying and some may have to re-do their NCAA seasons...

    I never noticed it before, but after the season in NCAA it prompts you twice to export the draft class to Madden. If you save the 1st prompt, it won't work. You have to wait and right after you finish the "players leaving" screen and head to the "transfer request" screen it will prompt you again to save the draft class for Madden. This is the one you want to save, not the first one.

    I was getting really pissed until I noticed that last night about 3 in the morning.
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  2. Re: OT - Madden 12 Franchise Glitch w/ Importing Draft Class

    Interesting, and it's weird I find it interesting as I don't have the game yet. Lol. All the more reason to get it. I want to see that glitch. :)


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