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    Re: Think I'm killing my draft....

    Why on gods earth were Mcoy, McFadden, and Forte not kept as keepers?? :grbac:

    Solid draft as always. I love the Julio Jones pick, I think he's going to really burst out this year. It's a little risky taking him 2.4, since that takes the value out of the pick, but it's certainly understandable considering the potential.
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    Re: Think I'm killing my draft....

    Quote Originally Posted by dandrews View Post
    Why on gods earth were Mcoy, McFadden, and Forte not kept as keepers?? :grbac:

    Solid draft as always. I love the Julio Jones pick, I think he's going to really burst out this year. It's a little risky taking him 2.4, since that takes the value out of the pick, but it's certainly understandable considering the potential.
    Due to the keeper rules (2 per team, have to be different positions). McCoy owner had Rice and kept him, and the Forte/DMac owner threw both back to keep Brady and Calvin. Still not sure how I feel about those rules, but on the plus side, it puts more top tier talent back into the draft pool.

    As for Julio, in a redraft I'd be hard pressed to take him in the 2nd. But with keepers involved, it became a no brainer between the best WR1 on the board, or my RB3.

    More picks in:

    8.07 - TE Brandon Pettigrew, DET

    Other players considered: Witten

    Wanted to wait a little longer, but before this pick Tamme and Fleener both got taken, and I started worrying about a ridiculous backup TE run. I'm really surprised to see Witten fall this far (and as of this writing, he's still on the board well into the 9th round). I know the spleen injury is scary, but I didn't expect that kind of drop. As for Pettigrew, he was the 2nd most targeted TE last year, and in 14 of 17 games, hauled in 4 or more catches. The knock on him is that he only averaged 9.4 yards per catch, but I don't mind that. A stable, reliable weekly producer, with a high floor and a lot of potential.

    9.04 - RB Jacquizz Rodgers, ATL

    Other players considered: Kenny Britt

    I wanted to wait another round or two before making this pick. But it's a long wait until my next pick, and the Falcons play tonight. If Rodgers has a great game, he probably won't be there in the 10th. Turner looks old, slow, and done. He'll get plenty of goal line looks this year, but between the 20s, I think Rodgers is going to play a much larger role than last year. I'm a sucker for home run RBs like Rice and Charles, and Rodgers has the same build and style of play. Hopefully it pans out.

    So I have 4 picks left. This is how I envision them panning out:

    10.07 - RB6 or WR5. Targeting Britt, Hillis, Jennings. In that order. If the MJD hold out becomes even more toxic between now and then, Jennings could jump to the top of the list.

    11.04 - QB2. Jake Locker. At this point every team but mine has 2 QBs, so I feel safe that he'll still be here, as teams taking 3 QBs is very rare. Of all the remaining QB2 prospects, Locker has the best Week 5 matchup (Stafford's bye), against a weak Minnesota secondary.

    12.07 - DEF. There's six teams, including mine, that still need a DEF. Plenty of big names still on the board - Philly, Packers, Patriots, Ravens, Bears, Jets. I expect those to be gone by the 12th. No matter. I love Houston. They were a dominant defense last season, 2nd overall, 3rd against the pass, 4th against the run, with 44 sacks and 27 turnovers.

    Yeah, they lost Williams. But look at some of the QBs they get to play: 6 games against Locker, Gabbert, and Luck. Tannehill in his first career start. Sanchez/Tebow. Ponder during FF championship week. For those who don't want to have to spend an earlier pick on a big name defense, I think Houston is an under the radar unit that will give you some very good weeks.

    13.04 - Kicker. Meh, who cares. Given the red zone problems that Ravens first team has had in preseason (no offense), I probably like Tucker here - assuming he wins the starting job.

    Roster as it stands now:

    QB: Stafford
    RB: Forte, Charles, Mathews*, Spiller, Rodgers
    WR: Julio, Dez, Bowe, Lloyd
    TE: Pettigrew

    * Pending post-draft trade of Steven Jackson for Mathews (already verbally accepted).

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    Call me crazy, but I really like Russell Wilson as a QB2. I think he has crazy fantasy upside with his running ability
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    Re: Think I'm killing my draft....

    Seems to be a lot of young or rookie QBs being talked about as high upside QB2s this year. Luck, RG3, Locker, and now Wilson. Of that group, I think Wilson definitely has the best value, as you can get him crazy late, while Luck and RG3 are going a little too early for my tastes.

    10.07 - RB Rashad Jennings, JAX

    Other players considered: Britt

    I said I wanted Britt here, and he was still on the board. This is my 6th RB, and I still want a WR5 (hoping Britt makes it around the turn). Which means I won't be drafting a backup QB. I figure I have until Week 5 before I need a QB2. It's very probable that MJD will be back by then, at which point I can cut Jennings and make room on the bench for Locker or Wilson. But in the meantime, the MJD holdout seems to be getting worse, and now Schefter is speculating that will go into the regular season. So I'll grab Jennings and block the MJD owner (who I play in Week 1).

    11.04 - WR Leonard Hankerson, WAS

    Other players considered: Meachem, Crabtree, Lance Moore

    Britt didn't make it back around. Oh well. For my WR5, and last bench spot, I'll take a flyer on Hank. He showed some flashes last year before getting hurt. I avoided Meachem because I didn't want 3 out of 5 WR with the same bye week. Moore is too inconsistent, and Crabtree is on an offense with too many mouths to feed. If Hankerson proves himself before Week 5, great - if not, he'll be just a guy that I can drop for a backup QB or TE.

    So only two picks left, and they'll be DEF and K. The Texans are gone, so I'll pencil in Buffalo. The pass rush is going to improve with Williams, and I love their schedule - facing Sanchez twice, Tannehill twice, the AFC South (Gabbert, Luck, Locker), and the NFC West (Wilson, Skelton). And I'll probably go with Tucker as my K. I assume both will still be on the board when I make my picks, as they're both flying under the radar.

    Final roster:

    QB: Stafford
    RB: Forte, Charles, Mathews*, Spiller, Rodgers, Jennings
    WR: Julio, Dez, Bowe, Lloyd, Hankerson
    TE: Pettigrew
    DEF: Buffalo
    K: Tucker

    I'm more than happy with this. Then again, I felt the same this time last year, before injuries derailed me. But if everyone stays healthy, I think my biggest problem will be figuring out who to start every week.
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    Re: Think I'm killing my draft....

    Might as well tack on my team to this thread. Let me know how I did. 10 team, non-PPR league.

    1.6 Darren McFadden: He's an absolute stud, if he stays healthy. I'm banking on him to not miss half the season 2 years in a row. If he can give me 13 games, that's plenty good enough with his talent. I can scrounge together some WW running backs for the other 3 weeks. Couldn't believe Calvin Johnson made it to me here, but I decided to pull the trigger on my original strategy.

    2.5 Julio Jones: Risky pick taking him so early, but I love the upside. Probably wouldn't have taken him so high were this a money league, but since it's free picking somebody fun to root for played a part. Also considered AJ Green and Rob Gronkowski

    3.6 Jamaal Charles: Looks like his old self in preseason. Another risky pick with injuries, but he's a 1st round talent when healthy, easily. Did not consider anybody else here.

    4.5 Hakeem Nicks: I think I regret making this pick after hearing that Nicks will be dealing with "pain management" all season. That frightens me. Almost pulled the trigger on Percy Harvin here, and I think I should've done so. Also considered Greg Jennings and Wes Welker. I f'd this pick up big time

    5.6 Dez Bryant: He's been on my team every year of his career, might as well add another. In case you can't tell, I'm a sucker for upside. With no Laurent Robinson, Jason Witten with spleen troubles, and Austin's injury history, I think Dez is going to rack up the points early in the year. Also considered Aaron Hernandez and Antonio Gates

    6.5 Antonio Gates: How he slipped to the 6th round I have no idea. I snatched him up instantly. He's a stud, and with nobody else for Rivers to throw the ball to, he's going to pile up stats this year. Please just don't get hurt (this seems like a recurring theme)

    7.6 Torrey Smith: I'm a homer. I love what I see from him in preseason. In a 3 receiver and a flex league, I need all the WRs I can get. Again, another upside pick.

    8.5 Peyton Manning: (Hey look another guy with injury history!) I really wanted Michael Vick here. If Vick does what he did 2 years ago, I win the league, plain and simple. Last year he was a 1st rounder because of this. This season he's an 8th rounder. Admittedly, I was furious when I didn't get my guy. I was left to chose between Manning and Rivers. Manning has the upside to do great things this year. I also had Rivers last season and that was a catastrophe. I kind of wanted to avoid that again this season.

    9.6 Robert Griffin III: Took a back up QB extremely early here. Peyton had 4 neck surgeries last year. That's insane. If he play all 16 games it will be a miracle. Tim Tebow's rushing abilities carried me to a 2nd place finish last season (mainly because the aforementioned Phillip Rivers stunk). RGIII is a better runner and is a much better passer. While he won't be Cam Newton this season, him being a top 10 QB certainly isn't out of the question.

    10.5 Peyton Hillis: It's time to handcuff Jamaal Charles. Personally, I like Hillis here even if Charles stays healthy. They're both going to touch the ball at least 250 times this season barring injury. I'll take 1000 total yards and the potential for double digits touchdowns out of my 10th round pick every day of the week.

    11.6 Jacquizz Rodgers: There's going to be a back up RB to explode this season. I'll take the one behind Michael Turner. Rodgers plays much better in ATLs up tempo offense as well.

    12.5 Kenny Britt: Was on pace for Calvin Johnson numbers last season before he blew out his knee. This is purely a lottery ticket.

    13.6 David Wilson: Looks incredibly explosive in preseason. He's easily a top 15 RB if Bradshaw goes down (which is basically a matter of when, not if)

    14.5 Jacob Tamme: Remember how good Tamme was last time Manning was throwing him the ball? Me too

    15.6 Toby Gerhart: I'd assume Minnesota plans on limiting AD's carries this year. Gerhart is the beneficiary to that.

    16.5 Michael Bush: Touchdown vulture in Chicago

    17.6 NYG Defense: Reason number 1 why you don't take a defense until the last few rounds.

    18.5 Greg Zuerlein: Kind of a WTF pick. If he's as good as the hype, he'll be a stud. He also gets to kick in a dome, for a offense that will probably struggle putting the ball in the endzone. If he sucks, I drop him and pick up Matt Prater.

    QB: Manning, RGIII
    RB: McFadden, Charles, Hillis, Wilson, Bush, Gerhart, Rodgers
    WR: Jones, Nicks, Bryant, T. Smith, K. Britt
    TE: Gates, Tamme
    DEF: NYG
    K: Zuerlein

    Definitely could use another receiver, but I'm good for the first few weeks at least. Hopefully somebody good shows up on waivers.
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    Re: Think I'm killing my draft....

    I took a lot of flyers this year, I think it will either pan out big time, or I'm in big trouble.

    12 team standard scoring:

    QB, 2RB, 2WR, WRT, TE, K, D

    I picked 10th.

    I got:

    QB: Flacco, Schaub
    RB: Demarco Murray, Issac Redman, David Wilson, Isaiah Pead
    WR: Antonio Brown, Eric Decker, Torrey Smith, Brandon Lloyd
    TE: Ed Dickson, Tony Meoki
    K: Mike Nugent
    D: Bills

    Hind sight was 20/20, think I reached a tad too far on Redman and Decker. But overall I was pretty stoked. We drafted last week before MJD and Wallace were back. It threw some people off. Some overvalued, some under. I got a few steals late, I think.

    1.10 Murray
    2.3 Brown
    3.10 Redman
    4.3 Decker
    5.10 Flacco
    6.3 Torrey
    7.10 Lloyd
    8.3 Wilson
    9.10 Shaub
    10.3 Dickson
    11.10 Pead
    12.3 Moeoki

    Like I said, pretty much praying that some of these guys can have breakout years/return to form. We shall see.


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