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    Re: I see that EA Sports has not changed.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Eternal Ring View Post
    Neither the PS3 or the 360 have the RPGs to win me over.
    FF-XIII - Too linear for my tastes, and I'm not a fan of the combat system - it's real-time like FFXII, but they got rid of the gambits, so you have very little control over what your supporting characters do. Still, story is good, music is good, graphics are top notch. XIII-2 will be coming out late 2011 or early 2012, and is supposed to be a lot more open.

    Elder Scrolls - Oblivion is just awesome. Middle ages feel. Again, not turn based, but there's just so much to do. Creating custom classes leads to a lot of replay value. Consequences to every action. It's everything I wanted Fable to be. Even with the main story aside, you can literally spend hundreds of hours in game and still have things to do. It's like a single player MMO. The next game in the series (Skyrim) is coming on November 11th, and all reviews say it'll be just as great.

    I've also got the Dragon Age series, Disgaea 3 and 4, Valkyria Chronicles, and a couple others on my 'RPGs to play' list. Some of those are turn based, which I do prefer over real time.

  2. Re: I see that EA Sports has not changed.

    A PS2 is nice, but for the latest games, you shouldn't really consider buying the PS2 version. I won't blame developers if they didn't put as much an effort on the PS2 version compared to the PS3.


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