Actually, Marylandís new turtle-themed helmets are supposed to look like that

Maryland made plenty of Ö let's say, interesting decisions about its new uniforms, beginning with the mock fashion show it put on Monday night for assorted media and boosters to unveil roughly half of the 32 possible combinations of black, white, red and yellow at the Terrapins' disposal this fall. I'm down with the Black-Black-Red, Black-Black-Yellow and Black-Red-Black (above) looks, personally, although I kind of liked it better when Grambling did it. (See a full photo gallery here.)

Actually, Maryland has already employed most of those combinations and maybe a few more in the course of more than a dozen redesigns over the last 50 years, although never all of them at once. But wait a second, can we get a closer look at that white helmet?

Now why cant they look like the Pittsburgh Steelers Uniforms? Terps Uniforms are Black, Gold White and Red. Look at Duke. They look like the Baltimore Colts. So you might attract good players if they look like the Steelers.