Last night’s Bay area preseason game between the 49ers and Raiders was filled with too much emotion for a preseason contest for the fans, as there have been three separate incidents of violence reported after the game. First, two separate shootings occurred in the parking lot. One involves superficial facial wounds, but a second victim is listed in critical condition. That individual is reported to have been wearing a t-shirt with the creative phrase “Fuck You, Niners” on it. Another man is also in critical condition after being beaten unconscious in an upper level restroom, and is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

It’s a preseason game, people! (not that the magnitude of the game would matter in whether such behavior is ever condoned). The fact that it was a meaningless exhibition, and that these two teams are close together probably added to the problems. It sounds like the incidents in the parking lot may have occurred during the game, calling into question whether the perpetrators or victims were even attending the game to watch at all.

And Baltimore is one of those cities on the thug list. Like the Bay Area cities are both thugtowns Baltimore and D.C are very close being like the Bay Area in Northern California.