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    2011 Survivor Pool

    We have 56 people this year in the pool. Here is the link with all the members in the poll and their picks. Good luck to all.

    Hope everyone gets through the fist week.

    2011 Survivor Pool

    The rules.

    You must correctly pick the winner of one game each week. If you pick a team that loses or ties, you are eliminated. You cannot pick a team more than once throughout the season.

    The deadline to submit your final pick each week will be on Sunday at 1:00 pm ET. If you want to pick a game that occurs before the deadline (e.g., a Thursday night game), you must pick that game by its scheduled start time. Your post time stamp will be used to determine your pick time. If you fail to make a pick or it is made after the deadline you are eliminated. Enter your weekly selection in this thread or if you prefer your pick remain private you can PM me. PM's will not be posted until after the start of the 1:00 pm ET games.

    If the pool goes beyond the regular season then team restrictions will be reset at the start of the playoffs, and you will again be able to pick each team once.
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