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    Re: Madden 12 Player Ratings

    Quote Originally Posted by Iscull View Post
    Not sure if everyone saw the ratings, but there are some surprises:

    Jah Reid - 70 Overall
    Torrey Smith - 69 Overall
    Anthony Allen - 60 Overall
    Grubbs - 95 Overall
    Yanda - 85 Overall

    How is Grubbs 10 overall ratings beter than Yanda? These ratings suck.
    A lot of people rate Grubbs as one of the top guards in the league. It's not suprising that he's that highly rated. With Reid and Smith, both of those guys have A improvement scores. After a year of sitting behind Gaither, Reid is an overall of 75. Smith improved to a solid 76.

    Jimmy Smith is rated in the mid-70s I think but he improves. As bad as it sounds after we were so worried about losing him in free-agency, Yanda becomes trade bait in the second season if you pick up Rodney Hudson.
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    Re: Madden 12 Player Ratings

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    Typical Madden game. The guys who make it don't seem to know much about the NFL.
    I think they actually get a fair amount of input from different sources.

    Last year Flacco was an 83 or 84 and this year he's an 88 I believe and Ryan is an 89.

    As Ravens fans we see that Grubbs is a solid guard, but not a "95" guard like the game has him rated, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of NFL pundits think Grubbs is one of the better guards in the NFL.

    Kyle Orton is rated an 82 and Tebow is like a 74 or 76 I think. I'm sorry, but Orton is MUCH better than an 82. At least an 85 or 86. Tebow should probably be a high 60's low 70's.

    I'd also like to point out that the ratings aren't going to make as much of a difference in certain aspects because if say a QB has a string of games where he's throwing below 50% completion than his accuracy rating in the franchise mode is going to drop whereas if you have a RB and put together a string of games where he has over 100 rushing yards per game then you will likely see stats like BC vision, awareness, and carrying go up a few points.

    My biggest gripe and they didn't do anything about it was they still seem to be using height/weight charts from 2-3 years ago.

    Ray Rice 5'8" 205lbs (he's listed on the Ravens site as 212lbs).
    Dannell Ellerbe 6'1" 228lbs (listed on the Ravens site as 240lbs).
    Bryan Mattison 6'3" 272lbs (was just listed against the skins as 313lbs).

    I wish they would permit us to change those things. Or, at least they could go off of the team's websites.
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  3. Re: Madden 12 Player Ratings

    I think they just put random respectable numbers on players and then release it as Official Player Ratings. Grubbs is alright, pretty good actually, but 95 overall rating? That's absurd.


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