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    Re: Ozzie at the HOF??

    Quote Originally Posted by Poeboy View Post
    Why is Ozzie at the HOF ceremonies? Oh, that's right, they say Nero fiddled while Rome burned!
    Ozzie needs to be at the Castle figuring out how to unfrig everything he's done. Could we get that 12 mil strangle hold that Nagta has on the salary cap reduced.
    Speaking of trash, if you mean Nero played the fiddle during the great fire of 64 AD he couldn't have because the fiddle wasn't around til the 16th Century but if you mean he just fiddled around idly doing nothing that might be closer to he truth. Some even say he sat their singing songs about the destruction of Troy. You see, the Romans believed the Trojans were their ancestors even though all the men were killed. Someone got out and started Rome, but they got even with the Greeks when Rome conquered Greece and punished them for burning a city that might not even have existed.

    Anyway, some say Nero started the fires so he could blame the Christians and persecute them. He later killed his own mother to consolidate his power. Now that was trashy.

    Just wanted to clarify the difference in history between Nero fiddling around during the fire of 64 and playing Charlie Daniels with the fiddle and distinguish that fire from the one started by the barbarians when Rome burned to the ground.

    As for the thread's title that got whacked, the HOF ceremonies is one of the biggest NFL events of the year just like baseball's HOF and most if not all of the clubs top executives which Ozzie is one attend it. It's not the same
    as OBY playing golf 2 out of the first 32 months of office and taking many vacations while the country is
    crumbling - like Nero fiddling when Rome burned.

    Just saying ya know?

    HISTORY 101
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