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    Joe Flacco as the 16th Fantasy QB is pretty bogus

    Just saying - while hoping everyone who buys this is in one of my FFLs

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    Re: Joe Flacco as the 16th Fantasy QB is pretty bogus

    I don't think that's a reflection on Flacco as much as it a reflection on his supporting cast.

    Lot of uncertainty right now. Heap is gone, Mason is gone. The offensive line has some question marks. The only experienced receiver right now is Boldin.

    16th is a little too low, though. He shouldn't be top 10, but looking at a couple of the QBs between 11 and 15:

    11. Eli Manning - That's a fair ranking. No one thinks much of Eli's fantasy value, but he's been over 4k yards the last two years, and threw over 30 TDs last season. He should stay about the same this year. Will Flacco hit those numbers? I would have actually put Eli in the top 10 and bumped Ben down to this spot.

    12. Matthew Stafford - Hell no. Guy will not stay healthy, and I haven't really been impressed with what I've seen when he is healthy. To say he's a starting QB in a 12 team league is ridiculous.

    13. Kevin Kolb - Not sure on this one. He's in a good situation, but we've only seen him play a few times. And I don't know how well he's going to adjust to a new system, coach, players, etc in a month's time. I wouldn't put him above Flacco.

    I'd re-rank that group as:

    9. Matt Schaub
    10. Eli Manning
    11. Roethlisberger
    12. Flacco
    13. Kolb
    14. Freeman
    15. Cutler
    16. Stafford

    I can't justify putting him above any of the guys in the top 11, but I do feel he's either more talented or has a better track record than the guys below him.

    12 is fair. I think Flacco is at best a borderline starter in a 12 team league, and at worst a very good backup with a lot of upside.

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    Re: Joe Flacco as the 16th Fantasy QB is pretty bogus

    the appearance of focusing more on the run game probably doesn't help either.
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  4. Re: Joe Flacco as the 16th Fantasy QB is pretty bogus

    I got Eli by default in one of my keeper drafts and he has been surprisingly decent fantasy-wise. While he wont put up Brees-type numbers, I have had a lot of success with him, Schaub, and Rothlisburger. But I agree that if people pass on Flacco until late, he could be a real steal in a draft.


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