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    Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    RIP, big fella... :(


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    Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    Rest in Peace my man! You will never be forgotten by us old timers..

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    Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    All my old heroes are leaving planet earth. RIP.

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    Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    RIP old friend.

    I couldn't believe it when we drafted Bubba. He was a mainstay on one of
    the greatest defenses in history. Speaking of the movies, I remember Bubba sitting in his
    cadi convertible at camp during an interview and he said he had no idea what he was going to
    do when he retired.

    Joe Thomas swept him out like Unitas, Matte, Mackey, Hendricks and the rest of the boys and
    along with HOF Hendricks became part of OAKs great defenses and was discovered by Hollywood in
    California. What a great career.

    He wrote a book that Super Bowl 3 was fixed. Things just didn't seem right from the beginning, he wrote
    and Matte and the guys hated him and didn't invite him to the 25th anniversary party of the game. I once
    asked Matte if the game was fixed and he fiercely said, yea, and Bubba fixed it. LOL

    BTW, there's thousands of old timers still around town that agree with Bubba but we won't mention their names. :D

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    Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    The general counsel at my job --another Baltimore Colts fan; he decamped to his wife's Eagles in 1984 after the Midnight Run-- said it best when he said the day after John Mackey passed on, "it's always sad when your heroes die."

    Bubba Smith was my mother's favorite Colt. She always told her Bubba Smith stories. I remember once when watching one of the Police Academy movies. She just talked and talked about Bubba Smith and the cool things he did on the field. Bubba and Jim Parker were her favorites.

    God bless all of their souls and God bless the Baltimore Colts.

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post

    Not many of those old timers left. Pretty sad.
    It is.

    Baltimore Colts (AAFC): 1947-1950
    Baltimore Colts (NFL): 1953-1984
    Baltimore Stars (USFL): 1985
    Baltimore Colts/Stallions (CFL): 1994-1995
    Baltimore Ravens (NFL): 1996-Present

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    Wink Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    Quote Originally Posted by edtude View Post
    DUDE! You don't look a day over 45!
    Thanx so much, man ! Thankfully my wife feels the same way :) ... Bc

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    Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    Very sad to hear this news. Actually was lucky enough to meet him once by chance about 16 yrs ago and he was gracious enough to talk with me for about 10 minutes. Seemed to be the kinda guy who had fun with everything he did. RIP Bubba thanks for the memories

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    Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    RIP Bubba a sad loss

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    Re: Bubba Smith Found Dead at 66

    Mr. Smith was a real Baltimore Icon. There is alot to remember him by.

    "Kill Bubba Kill"
    (Chanted by fans in Memorial Stadium when Mr. Smith relentlessly and violently harrassed opposing QB's and RB's)

    "Trust MY lawyers; Snyder, McClellan, Isenberg & Katzenberg. Some things change, but they're still here."
    (Commercial shortly after the Irsay franchise left for Indy)

    Sergeant Moses Hightower: [rapping] "We believe you guys, so we wont dispute you. But if you're lying to us, we'll come back and shoot you. Word!"
    (Movie lines from Police Academy)
    Twenty years of Cheers.
    Thanks Baltimore Ravens Fans - You're the Best!


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