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    49ers in shambles


    Jim Harbaugh has quite a few 49er fans concerned with the teams lack of moves/low quality moves.

    1200 posts in the "concerns and criticisms" thread...In 5 days!

    49er fans calling in to MTC on Sirius...

    Not a lot of optimism out there...

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    Re: 49ers in shambles

    They don't have a QB yet and they let go of a good CB. They have some good players, but really need a QB. I don't know if that guy they drafted can do that, but we shall see.

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    Re: 49ers in shambles

    They don't have a QB, their workhorse RB is threatening to hold out, they've lost Marques Douglas in the middle and Nate Clements on the outside. The safety that they just drafted seems another year or so away. Michael Crabtree is reportedly showing his true colors, but do not have enough to go into detail about that. So, please do not take my word for that one.
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    Re: 49ers in shambles

    Resigning Alex Smith (after most thought he was gone for good) just brought on the fans recurring nightmare of the last 5 years. But I can understand it since Harbaugh wants to groom his young QB Colin Kapernick instead of throwing him into the fire due to the lockout and lack of ample time to have him prepared. I don't see Smith being the future, just starting a few games since he has experience before Kapernick can eventually learn the ropes.

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    Re: 49ers in shambles

    I thought he kept Smith around to simply let him take a beating, and be a place holder whileLKapernick learned.
    How much did they pay Smith? That may tell you their intent...


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